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2020 4th HY INDANG Symposium

2:00~2:20PM Opening Remark
2:00~2:10PM Ho Soon Choi
(The Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs &
President of Medical Center of Hanyang University)
2:10~2:20PM Introduction of HY-ICRMSCR Jaemin Jeong
2:20~3:35PM Drug development and regenerative medicine (I) Chair: Sang Hun Lee
(Hanyang University)
2:20~2:45PM Epitranscriptional redirection of miRNA target
recognition in cardiac hypertrophy
Sung Wook Chi
(Korea University)
2:45~3:10PM Alternative microRNA-mediated Gene Regulation Jungwook Hwang
Hanyang University
3:10~3:35PM Evaluation of radioresponse and radiation
countermeasure screening on intestinal organoid
Seung Bum Lee
3:35~3:45PM Coffee Break
3:45~5:00PM Drug development and regenerative
medicine (II)
Chair: Seung Hyun Kim
(Hanyang University)
3:45~4:10PM Precision medicine in hepatocellular carcinoma:
New human cell models
Lijian Hui
(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
4:10~4:35PM Genome editing using CRISPR Sangsu Bae
Hanyang University
4:35~5:00PM Linking progenitor cell expansion and
neutrophils in liver regeneration
Pau Sancho-Bru
Closing Remark